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    Architectural Applications

    8 ft diameter white acrylic diffuser in light fixture
    Designed by National Signs
    Houston, TX
    Polypro Chairs produced for Eric Howeler
    Large acrylic arch for a cafeteria serving line.
    Sculpture by MB Wellington Studios www.lightblocks.com  
    PolyFab produced the wings.
    Design by Debra Folz
    Design by Sangwook Park
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    Polyfab Provides

    Polyfab can form large panels up to 14 feet long and 4 feet wide and trim them in almost any shape.  We also can change the surface by sanding or sandblasting to change the way light passes thru your product.

    Use our forming services for acrylic pieces in any shape. The ability of acrylic to bend light beams so that the edges are the brightest areas has unlimited possibilities for architects and designers. These pieces can be used for sculptures, decorative light effects, large frosted panels, splash guards, stairway guards, and other applications limited only by the designer’s creativity.

    For 3D pieces, we use our CNC router combined with carpentry skills to create the form for your product.  Once the form is built, we put the sheet material into our 14.5 ft long oven and soften it to the correct working temperature. Finally, we put it on the form and control the rate of cooling to give you the finest product.

    We can use our vee bit carving capability to create family crests, logos and other artwork which will be emphasized by edge lighting on an acrylic sheet.

    We also offer flat Acrylic and LEXAN® pieces trimmed to your design shape and with the edge finish you require.


    • Decorative formed pieces
    • Splash guards
    • Engraved panels
    • Furniture components