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    3 axis CNC Routers

    PolyFab's CNC Router
    Finished example
    Finished example
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    Polyfab Provides

    Three-axis CNC routers are the workhorses for the plastic fabrication and woodworking industries.  The tasks include:

    • Cutting out circles and rectangles and complex shapes
    • Drilling holes
    • Machining 3D objects
    • Cutting special edge forms

    In addition to standard tooling, custom router bits are frequently ground to cut special angles or profiles, or to perform several operations at once that would otherwise require multiple steps.

    PolyFab provides:

    3D routering for prototypes, special fittings and forms, vee bit carving of signs, 2D cutting of sheet stock in all plastics and wood products. We can accept your electronic file or work from your drawings or sketches.

    Router Services

    CNC router with a 5 ft x 10 ft cutting area and 12 inch vertical travel
    2D and 3D cutting in all plastics and woods

    • Milling
    • Panels
    • Doors
    • Fretwork and grills
    • Sign letters, stencils and 3D carving
    • Molds and forms
    • Patterns
    • Templates
    • Your files accepted

    For 2D cutting: *.dwg, *.dxf, *.eps, *.ai,
    For vee bit carving: *.eps, *.ai,
    For 3D machining: *.igs, *.3dm, *.stl