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    4 axis CNC Routers

    PolyFab's CNC Router
    Finished example
    Finished example
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    Four axis CNC routers have all the features of 3 axis CNC routers and in addition, can rotate the workpiece.

    The machines are not common.  They are often built to manufacture a specific range or products. Product examples are machined posts for architectural effects, pipes with special holes and slots, and custom light fixtures.

    Products that can be made from round bar stock, pipe or cylindrical stock are the most common candidates. Normally the axis of rotation is aligned with the x axis or the y axis. The choice depends on the length of the finished pieces.

    Some versions rotate the workpiece in a full circle while others provide only partial rotation. 4 axis CNC routers that rotate in a full circle offer the capability to machine all sides of the workpiece, except near the pivot points where the workpiece is held.

    PolyFab provides:

    3D routering for prototypes, special fittings and forms, vee bit carving of signs, 2D cutting of sheet stock in all plastics and wood products. We can accept your electronic file or work from your drawings or sketches.

    Router Services

    CNC router with a 5 ft x 10 ft cutting area and 12 inch vertical travel
    2D and 3D cutting in all plastics and woods

    • Milling
    • Panels
    • Doors
    • Fretwork and grills
    • Sign letters, stencils and 3D carving
    • Molds and forms
    • Patterns
    • Templates
    • Your files accepted

    For 2D cutting: *.dwg, *.dxf, *.eps, *.ai,
    For vee bit carving: *.eps, *.ai,
    For 3D machining: *.igs, *.3dm, *.stl