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Founded in 1968, PolyFab provides custom engineered plastic fabrications.

We work with many materials and specialize in clear plastics.

Some of the applications we have made include:

  • Large graduated cylinders
  • Architectural formed pieces
  • LEXAN® Tanks and waterbaths
  • Clear PVC and acrylic assemblies
  • Laboratory splash guards and custom trays for all industries
  • Plastic flooring and secondary containment basins
  • Custom PVC, CPVC, polypropylene and HDPE duct work
  • Fume hoods made from any weldable plastic material
  • Marine fresh, gray, and black water tanks
  • Custom polypro and HDPE tanks for chemical storage and treatment
  • Machined polyethylene fittings
  • Routed plastic and wood signs

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Lexan Machining

We have researched and obtained advice from various sources on the different plastics available for the SCIGN radome and base plate. We have decided that both the hemispherical dome and the base plate and ring parts are best made by the injection molding process.

Before machining of the molds can be started, we must select the plastics to be used for each part. There are a great many plastics to choose from that can be used for injection molding. We first discuss some considerations and general properties of the resins we are considering using, and follow that with a comparison of properties and characteristcis of the several plastics we've zeroed in on as top choices for the radome itself.

Previous plastics used in various radome-type GPS antenna covers include lexan, acrylic, foams, ABS, Xenoy, and a variety of other polycarbonates and alloys. Fiberglass covers, and other inventive materials such as coated fabrics have been used in operational or prototyping, as well as plastics. We recognize from these experiences that opacity or low transmissivity of the GPS signal can occur from things like metallic additives, used in fiberglass and plastics either as a fire retardents or colorant.

Credit: Lexan Machining

Lexan MachiningPlease Contact Us to discuss your Lexan Machining needs. You design it, we build it.

  • Fume Hood
  • PVC Duct
  • Acrylic Fabrication
  • Fume Hood Laboratory
  • Grillwork
  • Polyethylene Duct
  • Chemical Fume Hood
  • HDPE Tank
  • Plastic Flange
  • CNC Routing Services MA
  • HDPE Duct
  • Water and Air Treatment Home
  • Exhaust Ventilation System
  • CNC Router Services Boston
  • CPVC Duct
  • Fume Hood Mfg
  • Exhaust Fume Hood
  • Flange Plastic
  • Plastic Flange Bearing
  • Industrial CNC Routing Massachusetts
  • Lexan Fabrication
  • Acid Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood Manufacturer
  • Laminar Air Flow Hood
  • PVC Duct Fittings
  • Uhmw Machining
  • Fume Hood Labconco
  • Cylinder Diagram Graduated
  • PVC Cone
  • Acrylic Cone
  • Benchtop Fume Hood
  • Lexan Machining
  • Walk In Fume Hood
  • HDPE Coupling
  • Large PVC Duct
  • Drape Forming
  • Clear Polycarbonate Pipe
  • CPVC Wye
  • Plastic Fume Hood
  • PE Flanges
  • PVC Reducing Wye
  • Polyethylene Flange
  • PE Coupling