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    Air Handling Applications

    PVC Scrubber
    Polypro Hood
    Custom HDPE Elbows
    Custom Demister
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    Polyfab Provides

    Custom duct and air handling assemblies of all materials built to your design. We also offer rectangular and large cylindrical duct rolled from PVC, CPVC, Polypro, HDPE, Kynar®, and other weldable plastics.  We also fabricate all the special fittings you need to complete the system, including elbows, tees, reducing tees,  no back-draft dampers, square to round transitions, offsets, and tapered reducers.

    Air Handling

    • Large round and rectangular duct
    • Elbows, tees, wyes, blast gates and dampers
    • Hoods of all shapes
    • Demisters
    • Scrubbers