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    Large Graduated Cylinders

    90 Liter cylinder for medical testing
    2, 3, and 13 gallon graduated PVC cylinders
    20 gallon graduated cylinder with support
    Small acrylic graduated cylinder
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    Polyfab Provides

    Custom graduated cylinders with all the fittings and features you need to simplify your application. We work with clear PVC, LEXAN® (polycarbonate), and acrylic to meet your requirements.

    Features have included:

    • Flanges for bolting valves to the cylinder
    • Threaded fittings
    • O-ring fittings
    • Pour spouts
    • Extra wide bases
    • Graduations starting with zero at the top
    • Very large characters
    • Covers with and without fittings

    How to Make Large Graduated Cylinders