Custom Plastic Fabrication and Prototypes

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A full range of plastic fabrication services. We have the lathes, milling machines, CNC routers, welding, and extruding equipment combined with the professional expertise to deliver a quality completed product every time. Our expert fabricators build to your exact specifications and our design team can help you spot potential problems and course correct while there’s still time. We work in acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, HDPE and other plastics to meet all your needs. We specialize in small to medium size lots with careful engineering review of your requirements. The pictures below show just some of the fantastic products we’ve helped to create.


This acrylic assembly was fabricated for a customer requiring a full scale model for flow visualization. Model includes a manifold ring and an insert to create a swirling flow.


Contractor assembly for petrochemical laboratory


Emulsion tanks for photographic plate processing system

Demo system designed and built to display customer instrumentation

Custom Formed Polycarbonate Shell


Slender cone with 2 flanges


Separation Funnel Prototype


Clear PVC cones with stainless steel triclamp fittings


Custom Elutriation Tank


Topographical Map of Waterville Valley

Semicircular tank for lab experiment

Clear pvc separator

Wet bench for solar panel fabrication

Cylindrical Polycarbonate Tank


Sculpture by MB Wellington Studios ( PolyFab Produced the Wings


Clear plastic cone with flanges


Cone for spooling very long nylon line


Custom cone, about 16 inch base diameter by 14 inch high


Acrylic Cone Assembly


High Pressure Chamber

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Founded in 1968, PolyFab provides custom engineered plastic fabrications. We work with many materials and specialize in clear plastics.


PolyFab makes custom plastic parts for scientific and industrial applications where the most precise and durable products are required.

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