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If your company designs and installs packaging systems you’re all too familiar with custom requirements and last minute problem solving. At PolyFab we’ve helped dozens of packaging consultants, installers, and in house teams address their needs for custom, clear funnels to pack everything from candy to cannabis. When stainless steel just won’t cut it, and your client needs to see their product as it’s being funneled toward the next step in your packaging assembly line, PolyFab can help. We start with a full selection of FDA approved material (clear acrylic, translucent PVC, or even high impact polycarbonate), then create cones or funnels that fit the exact space requirements, throughput needs, and finish preferences of your end customer. Because we’re a full service shop, we don’t stop there. PolyFab is completely capable of installing all necessary hardware or creating custom plastic brackets welded to your funnels for easy install on site. 

When sheet metal is chemically incompatible, impairs necessary visibility, or simply doesn’t fit your client’s aesthetic preferences clear plastics are often the best option. Unfortunately this often isn’t realized until after the project is in full swing and cheaper metal options have been found lacking. As a small business in custom fabrication we understand the pressures of last minute changes and we know how devastating it can be to put a project on hold while waiting for your parts. We’ve helped many of our clients with last minute funnels and parts, helping to get them out of tight spots and satisfy their client’s needs on deadline. While we don’t advertise the majority of our client relationships we are happy to provide references upon request. Give as a call to discuss how your company can offer differentiated plastic packaging solutions with PolyFab. 


Powder Coat Industrial Packaging Cone


Flanged Pharmaceutical Lab Funnel


Separation Funnel Prototype

Nylon Cord Packing Cone

Slender Packaging Prototype Cone

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Founded in 1968, PolyFab provides custom engineered plastic fabrications. We work with many materials and specialize in clear plastics.


PolyFab makes custom plastic parts for scientific and industrial applications where the most precise and durable products are required.

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