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Here at PolyFab we take pride in offering the right solution for your unique production challenges. Whether creating an entirely new production process, outfitting your new facility, or retrofitting an existing production line PolyFab can help. With FDA approved materials, an understanding of cleanroom requirements, and years of experience working with engineers and scientists we are ready to step in and make your plastic part sourcing easy. 

Our ability to form clear plastics, combined with our full service machine shop, has made PolyFab a go-to resource for pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processors, and laboratories alike. From sanitary fittings to custom funnels, one-off-prototypes or mid-scale production, PolyFab has the experienced technicians, the specialty tooling, and the FDA approved materials to complete your job in a timely, professional manner, every time. We’ll work with you and your engineers to fully understand the production issues you’re up against and help provide chemically compatible solutions to keep your project on track with custom tailored solutions. 

At PolyFab we make a point of respecting our client’s confidentiality. That means never violating an NDA or advertising our relationships with clients. However, some of our client relationships, while sensitive, are not strictly confidential and we would be happy to share references upon your request. If you’re in the market for custom plastic parts give us a call to see how PolyFab can support your facility.


12 Gallon Graduated Cylinder

Custom Graduated Cylinders


Clear PVC Separator


Non-Reactive Hood for Chemical Fumes

Clear Housing for Pharmaceutical Production

Custom Centrifugal Pump Housing

Miniature Demo System for Pharmaceutical Production

Acrylic Cone Assembly

Chemical Reaction Vessel

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Founded in 1968, PolyFab provides custom engineered plastic fabrications. We work with many materials and specialize in clear plastics.


PolyFab makes custom plastic parts for scientific and industrial applications where the most precise and durable products are required.

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