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We thermoform with the best of them! Whether it’s a giant cone for your new packaging system, a custom rolled graduated cylinder, a curved testing vessel, or any other convex/concave shape we can provide it, made from a variety of plastics suited to your specific application. 

Since its inception in 1968 PolyFab has had a strong commitment to providing exactly what our customers require. We discovered early on that this often meant creating unique curves or cylinders outside the scope of what a typical plastic company or machine shop could supply. After years of working with laboratories, container manufactures, and medical-grade production facilities, it’s easy to understand why customers with a need for high quality, specially designed, clear plastics, formed to unique shapes do business with PolyFab over and over again. 

In addition to more common slump or drape formed products like semi-cylinders, our technicians have developed expertise in conical shapes and fully rolled cylinders, numerous examples of which can be found in our photo gallery. Precise plastic cones are often necessary for fully draining testing vessels, pharmaceutical production equipment, packaging facilities, or as an end-use product in themselves. Our custom manufactured cylinders have been used in applications ranging from display cases to high impact chemical containment.

With our full service shop and highly trained technicians we are able to thermoform at scale, manually manipulate hot material into the desired shape, and machine any necessary alteration after cooling and trimming the piece. We also offer plastic annealing services for products exposed to high stress environments or excessive machining stress. Give us a call to discuss your project details and learn how we can help.


7 Foot Custom Rolled Acrylic Spool


Chair by Debra Folz


Formed and Polycarbonate Shell

6 Foot Long Museum Replica of a Torpedo

Custom Aquarium Display


Thermoformed Sculpture Designed By MB Wellington Studios

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Founded in 1968, PolyFab provides custom engineered plastic fabrications. We work with many materials and specialize in clear plastics.


PolyFab makes custom plastic parts for scientific and industrial applications where the most precise and durable products are required.

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